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Pricing & Prep


Session fees start at $200


  • 1 - 2 hours of photographer's time
  • Up to 2 dogs (additional dogs are welcome - see below)
  • Your choice of "In Studio" or "On Location"
  • Post-processing of images and retouching as needed
  • Access to secure "proofing site" so that you may review your photos
  • When your photo session is finished, proofs will be posted for review in approximately 5 days. Please note that the session includes only what is listed above. Prints and products are available separately. I am able to offer an extensive list of printed products that you may choose from when you are ready. The Republic of Dog Photography uses one of the top photo labs in the country producing beautiful prints and products. Please email me for a product list.

Many people have more than two dogs these days, and that is wonderful! You are welcome to bring your entire dog family! Each additional dog will add $50 to the session fee. Before the photo session, I will gladly consult with you as to how we could best coordinate the session.

Yep, humans are allowed to be in the photos! If you choose to be in the photo with your pet, please let me know ahead of time so that we may discuss the composition and your wardrobe. Children are welcomed to be in the photos as well. If children come to the session but will not be in the photos, I request that there be enough adult supervision to cover both children and dogs. To reduce the stress on your dogs, I may ask that your children sit outside of the studio room while we photograph your dog(s).

Photo shoots will go more smoothly, whether at home or in studio, when everyone is relaxed. This event can be a stressful situation for your dog. I want you and your dog to have an enjoyable time as we capture these memories. What can you do to prepare? The best thing I can recommend is to brush up on your basic obedience skills like Sit, Stay and Down. This will help a great deal in getting your dog to "pose" for us and smile for the camera. It will also build your dog's confidence and therefore make for a more relaxed environment.

Remember...relax! During the photo shoot I will work with you and your dog(s) to get them into position. While we are working together to accomplish this, there are a few things to keep in mind: No yelling at your dogs; avoid repeating "commands" over and over; and most importantly, relax. If you remain calm and relaxed, your dog is more likely to do the same.
If your dog has a favorite treat or toy, please feel free to bring them. You know your dog better than anyone and you know what will get his/her attention.